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The Best Menu in macOS

Apple has some winners and a few losers when it comes to interface design, but the absolute best designed menu on the system hasn’t changed in 15+ years.

This glorious menu may look plain and unassuming, but it hides a functionality lacking in early all other checklists in all other platforms I’ve ever interacted with.

So many clicks…

My first jobs formal IT jobs were managing Macs for schools. During my time there I setup at least 8 computer labs/laptop carts, and I didn’t have access to MDMs nor was I given administrator access to the trusty OS X 10.5 servers that were running Workgroup Manager. Apple Remote Desktop was the only tool for automation at my fingertips, and I was just scratching the surface on its true capabilities.

It took probably 50 clicks in order to get a device from fresh out of the box to “manageable” via ARD, and this menu was the absolute worst of it. Until one day when I magically stumbled onto the enchanting secret it holds within…

This may be the only menu in macOS that lets you Option+Click to select every checkbox in one fell swoop.

There aren’t a whole lot of checkbox menus in macOS, but this is the only I’ve found that contain this master stroke of user experience. Why this isn’t ubiquitous across menus on all platforms I do not know. Humanity would be better off for it.


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